Don Westendorp

Full Stack PHP Developer

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Contact Me » Located In Minneapolis, MN

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Don Westendorp

Full Stack PHP Developer


Full stack web developer with over 10 years of experience building applications. Capable of wearing the many hats required to build an entire application including conceptualizing a project, determining feasibility, writing code, designing a slick interface, and shipping a quality product.


PHP 10 Years - OOP, MVC, API Integration, Security, Optimization, Troubleshooting

MySQL 10 Years - Database Design, Performant Indexing, Joins, Views, Groups

Javascript 12 Years - jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, JSON, Dynamic HTML

CSS 12 Years - CSS3, Cross-browser Compatibility, Full DOM Styling Knowledge

HTML 12 Years - HTML5, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Cross Browser Compatibility

Wordpress 8 Years - Plugin Development, Top-to-Bottom Stack Familiarity, Optimization, Templates

Expression Engine 6 Months - Addon development, Installation, Configuration, Design, Upgrades


Experienced With Dreamweaver (14 Years), Photoshop (14 Years), LAMP Admin (8 Years), Premiere (8 Years), After Effects (8 Years), 3dsmax (6 Years), Illustrator (6 Years)

Proficient With GIT, Amazon Web Services, Magento, vBulletin, Joomla, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Familiar With Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Drupal, SVN, Visual Studio, Unreal 4, Unity


  • Honest with myself and others about things I don't know
  • Fast learner that can implement new knowledge quickly
  • Excellent at giving and receiving constructive criticism
  • Very independent worker, can take as much or as little guidance as necessary
  • Innovative problem solver and critical thinker
  • Skilled at communicating with teammates and customers clearly and professionally
  • Deep understanding of how bugs are created, how to find them, and how to fix them

Jobs and Projects

Below is an annotated history of the last 16 years of my development experience. Most of my projects were completed on my own or with small teams, but were released directly to customers or businesses, making me ultimately accountable for my work.

BI Worldwide - Software EngineerAugust 2016-Present

  • Full stack development across multiple platforms that serve several fortune 500 companies with hundreds of thousands of users, primarily focused on learning solutions.
  • Worked successfully in a team environment with many developers and other departments
  • Development on platforms based mainly on Expression Engine, but also Moodle/Totara
  • Migrated existing client sites to new Load Balanced environments and Amazon Web Services
  • Created entire stand alone php scheduling application to deploy automated services to existing platforms and replace a legacy cron solution
  • Fast full stack debugging of legacy applications to find inefficiencies and fix critical issues in both production and preproduction environments

Augeo Marketing - Interactive DeveloperMay-August 2016

  • Primarily worked on an Expression engine and Twig (Symfony) stack built on top of a restful API (.NET and MSSQL) that serves several hundred clients with millions of customers
  • Conceptualized, presented, and implemented several common sense fixes/upgrades to streamline the front end engineering of our stack
  • Built and deployed an entire site on our stack for a new client with many custom requirements, including writing a new Auth Controller that interfaced with our API. (
  • Turned into a full code parsing automatic documentation system and spear headed a project to roll out documentation to our entire stack
  • Implemented SASS quickly to bring programmatical CSS to more efficiently target platform modules
  • Developed and launched (Expression Engine) from a very unfinished state in 3 days under a very tight deadline during my first week of employment

OpenResume 2016

  • Full source available on GitHub
  • Light weight CMS for quickly publishing your resume online (It's running this site!)
  • Fully responsive, elegant resume templates
  • Quickly create resumes with a full WYSIWYG, responsive, jQuery powered AJAX editor
  • Send custom tailored cover letters and resumes to employers with ease
  • Track exactly what potential employers are looking at and clicking on with in depth analytics

OptinLinks 2014

  • Extensive Wordpress plugin for capturing emails with sleek, customizable popup forms
  • Full API integration with Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact, Ontraport, and GotoWebinar
  • Full, in depth analytics about visitors, impressions, forms, conversion rates, and split tests
  • Real time double optin confirmation (Heartbeat that listened for API callbacks)

Don's WP Debug 2013

  • Top-to-bottom full stack debugging plugin for Wordpress
  • Toggleable logging for every single actionhook, query, and include with execution times
  • Frontend debugging for admins so you could see exactly on the page where the slowdowns were occuring
  • Full JSON system for saving and reproducing reports (They were quite extensive)

Don's WP Real Time Mouse Tracker 2013

  • Wordpress plugin for recording users mouse movements and clicks in real time
  • jQuery based recording system, recorded at 10 fps, extrapolated to 40 fps at playback
  • Delivered mouse tracking remotely to non-Wordpress pages with javascript
  • Extensive graphing system powered by flot that was used in all my subsequent plugins (Including OpenResume)
  • Could share recordings tied with other events to my other plugins through a core object all the plugins used

Don's WP PPC 2013

  • Wordpress plugin for tracking PPC campaigns, ads, clicks, landing pages, and split tests
  • Basically a standalone application that used Wordpress as a wrapper for easier installation compared to competing products
  • Callback API for click costs, conversions, sales, and commissions

Don's WP Internet Marketing Backend2013

  • Plugin that handled delivering my products and customer support tickets
  • Paypal API integration to confirm sales
  • Powered the sales and affiliate systems behind all of my Wordpress plugins
  • Stateless login system with all of the necessary features and security

Smart Finance LLC - Lead Developer2011-2012

  • Full time employee maintaining the operations and backend of
  • Migrated a multi-thousand page antiquated MS Front Page site to a custom built CMS solution
  • Developed a custom application and database for storing, displaying, comparing, and calculating credit card details
  • Managed PPC Campaigns and other ad partnerships to drive traffic to affiliate offers

Human Rewriter 2009-2010

  • Built an entire service platform from scratch for delivering rewritten articles to customers
  • Customers could submit articles which would be broken down to sentences and paragraphs so that employs could rewrite them and submit them for the customers approval
  • Paypal API integration, with full stateless security features and payment systems for both customers and writers
  • Managed over 200 freelance writers and customer support specialists

FOS Commerce - Lead Developer2008

  • Developed multiple ecommerce solutions for clients and built an auto auction platform for dealerships
  • Integrated osCommerce, Wordpress, and vBulletin together in a modular front end platform
  • Integrated auto auction platform with Dominion Systems API to automatically pull dealer inventory to our system
  • Managed relations with clients, creating and delivering project specifications, and recommending features to increase market penetration

Get Landing Pages 2007

  • Built a custom service platform for delivering landing page designs to internet marketers
  • Full Paypal API integration plus a full order tracking and feedback system for customers
  • Managed a team of over 15 freelance designers to deliver customer orders in a timely manner 2006

  • Modified Joomla site to deliver MySpace free MySpace layouts
  • Created a real-time javascript powered MySpace layout generator
  • Managed advertising and affiliate offers to eventually generate a full time income for both me and my business partner

Savannah College of Art and Design 2004-2006

  • Majored in Interactive Design and Game Development on a 75% Merit Scholarship
  • Worked on team projects to produce games and interactive content using Flash and Unreal 2
  • Left school at the start of Junior year after earning a full time income from and other internet marketing projects

Florida Agency of Health Care Administration 2003

  • Full time summer position while in High School doing front end ASP.NET and some Oracle work
  • Conceptualized and built front end systems for a vendor and contractor tracking system
  • Quickly learned both ASP.NET and Oracle on the job and implemented solutions quickly

Molecular Expressions 2000-2002

  • First job, full time 3dsmax, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Responsible for taking scientific material and creating clear, concise images to convey complicated scientific concepts
  • Learned and implemented many new systems and software on the job in a timely manner